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What do you do for your Spring cleanup? Feed? Preen? Mulch?

8 years ago

How do you wake up your garden and when do you do it? My spring clean up usually includes some sort of feeding for my plants; hollytone, plantone, rosetone. I have also used preen and preen and green, just not sure if it works. Last year I mulched with Sweet Peet which I'm hoping will result in vastly improved soil. I've noticed a good deal of bronzing on some of my box. I'm looking for a magic bullet.

It's was a brutal winter - I think everything could use an extra boost to enhance performance. Compost maybe?
Anyone have any great suggestions to enhance performance and mitigate winter damage?

Btw - I'm a longtime lurker, sometimes poster and avid gardener. Master Gardner, as well. Thanks!

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