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New Builder, New Plan: Seeking Advice?

7 years ago

The builder that I was previously working with flaked so I have a newly designed floor plan [2-levels] as attached. I am seeking advice on if the layout and space utilization is sensible.

This plan is meant to house four [4] adults. A couple [both currently in good health], an elderly mother with vision and mobility impairment and a brother with mobility impairment.

The desired goal is a comfortable house with adequate privacy for four adults with the following considerations:

- Due to mobility concerns:

-- a. Bedrooms for the two non-couple adults must be on the entry level of the home.

-- b. The house must have the minimum possible amount of stairs.

- The two non-couple adults wish to have sleeping quarters that are as close as possible.

- The two non-couple adults should have access to a private grooming area at a minimum. Prefer to have full en-suite bathrooms but willing to go with a Jack & Jill arrangement to save costs.

- Desire a third secondary bedroom for overnight guests.

- The two cooks desire a large kitchen with plenty of storage and a large pantry.

- Require substantial amounts of storage/closet space as we live in an area with four distinct seasons.

-Desire a sunroom for the Mother so she can enjoy the view of the outdoors and potentially have a

hobby space.

- Desire a three car garage. Currently only two cars but other space can be used for storage/work space.

- Wife wants unusually large closet for clothes and shoes display/storage.

- Wife wants a double front door entry.

We are NOT going for full ADA compliance.


- The water heater and stove will be gas powered.

- The circuit breaker box will be sized for 200 Amp, and capable of 60 circuits when filled with breakers.

- The circuit breaker box will be equipped for the addition of a standby generator.

- Flooring: Bedrooms/Closets [carpet]; Wet areas [tile]; upstairs living room [carpet]; all others [hardwood]

Feel free to ask for additional information as needed. I can also provide larger version of the floorplan drawings since I developed them on my own. [I own the copyright.]


- The master tub and toilet are over the hallway and the remainder of the master bath is over the lower baths.

- All upper level walls are completely stacked over lower walls except for the wall dividing the master bath/closet from the master bedroom. That wall is however partially stacked over the [middle] bedroom closet door wall.

- Everything can change in order to improve the plan EXCEPT the outer walls on each level. That is, the footprint of the plan CAN NOT get any larger in any direction. This is a strict limitation due to setback requirements.





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