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What Flooring for a Polished Carrara Marble Bath?

8 years ago

I am in process of building a home and picked out 18" Polished Carrarra Marble tiles for our flooring in my master bathroom.

However, I am having second thoughts about safety concerns using this slippery marble on my floors. I am not getting any younger and neither is my husband and this will be our forever home.

I have been looking though multiple pictures of carrarra marble baths and do not like some of the alternatives used for flooring if not done in polished marble. I do not want to add any other colors (such as black) as you see with some of the basket weave patterns.

Can someone suggest some flooring that I can use instead of the polished marble 18 inch squares that I initially picked out? I really love the look but I am afraid one of us will slip and forever rue the day we ever put down a polished marble floor in there.

I am open to any and all flooring solutions that do not detract from a seamless look. Thanks!

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