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Coffee for the Holidays

8 years ago

We drink a lot of instant coffee. Recently the company that produced the brand that we used decided to delete it from their product line. That sent me off on a testing spree trying everything I could find in the stores and the internet. Almost all of it was not something we liked.

One brand that rose to the top was Mount Hagen. Not bad.It was priced at about 14.00 dollars a jar....around 5 ounces. Another was a whole foods house brand at around 6.00 a jar. The one we liked and settled on for a new coffee was a french coffee...Carte around 14 dollars a jar. They have a UK version at around 10.00 a jar. When ever I place an order I have to order about three or four months of coffee at a time. The link to the website is...

So what is your favorite instant coffee. Perhaps it is one I missed in my search.

We don't buy each other christmas gifts anymore. Instead we buy something that we both can enjoy and which will make the holiday season a bit more festive and enjoyable.

This year I am going to order coffee beans called...Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. About twenty years ago I had a cup of this coffee and thought at the time it was the best coffee I had ever tasted. It is currently priced at roughly ...44.00 a pound.

I am purchasing the coffee from the Clifton Mount estate in the Portland parish of Jamaica. The estate is at the highest elevation of about 4300 feet so the Jamaican Coffee Board allows it to be labeled JBM. I put the link to their website below
It is going to be interesting to see if I still think it is the best coffee available. So not only are we going to be having some excellent instant coffee for the holidays but we will be brewing hopefully some really great coffee from JBM.

Have you ever had Jamaican blue mountain coffee. If so, what thoughts do you have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

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