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What to send my college kid...

8 years ago

Who was diagnosed with mono today??

Poor guy. He's a freshman in college. He just went back to school on Sat., and mentioned earlier in the week that he had had a sore throat for a few days nonstop. This morning he texted to say he could see white patches at the back of his throat, so his GF (a nursing student!) told him he should see the campus doctor. So he did, and he has mono.

He is formally excused from classes for one week, but he is going to go as much as he can. He seems to understand that otherwise, he needs to rest, rest, rest.

Thinking I should put together a care package and mail it to him. (He is 5+ hours from home, so visiting isn't practical -- though if he wanted me to, obviously I would.) What should I put in it? Throat lozenges...what else would you send? I'm sort of drawing a blank.

Meanwhile, my 13 yo has been home sick for two days, so I just called the dr. to see if she should be tested...

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