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30" Range - 4 burner or 5 burner?

9 years ago


I am just ramping up a remodel on a small (69 sq') Edwardian kitchen. I am keeping my vintage, metal body, almost silent, Bosch dishwasher. Prolly going with an LG French door fridge. Ditching my hated Samsung microwave for a GE Profile like the one I used to have and loved.

But range selection has my knickers in knots!

And the issue that is complicating it the most d the question of how many burners.

I have been lusting for a 5 burner/bridge model for years. I grill on the stovetop a lot. My big cast iron griddle sees frequent use. Having that extra burner space when I have all 4 burners going and need one more would be nice. And that does happen to me.

So I want to know; Is that fifth burner/bridge all that and a bag of peanuts? Will I love how it provides even, all over the grill, heat, instead of the two hot spots I get with two burners?

Or is it just the current fad and not worth basing a major appliance decision on?

Because in an ideal world I want a 30" range with the features of the GE Cafe double oven slide-inish model, with the stove top of a Wolf and the ovens of a Viking or Bluestar.

Not much, huh?

So what do you all say about that 5th burner? Is it really just a 5th wheel?


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