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Belinda's dream - 6 hours texas sun not enough ?

8 years ago

I just moved my Belindas Dream into the sunniest, hottest spot of my central texas backyard. All day sun and blazing afternoon sun. I had it in what I thought was a prime spot , morning sun through 2pm, followed by some dappled sun the remainder of the day. It hasn't bloomed much and is somewhat leggy. We have several that grow at our local library between a dark brick wall and the driveway, on the west side. They seem to love it and bloom their heads off. Until they were pruned recently, or rather cut down to 4 feet this winter, they towered at 8 feet providing a home for a multitude of sparrows. I hope the poor sparrows have found a new place to call home.

I am hoping mine does better this year. Fingers crossed :)

The only other roses that I have that handle heat so well are Ducher and Martha Gonzales. My teas, Mrs Dudley Cross and Duchesse De Brabrant seem to prefer afternoon shade.

I planted some SDLMs in the same area as Belindas Dream. I hope they can handle the sun and heat just as well. I read somewhere that they didn't make it through the earthkind trials in Texas, but couldn't resist. They smell so lovely !!


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