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Stuck in the land of indecision , please help !

Perhaps someone can talk some sense into me . I cannot decide on a climber for my white pergola . I keep wavering and doubting , then finding another , and I'm starting to get on my own nerves ! :)
In the meantime I keep ordering other roses , some of which are climbers but I have no plans on where they will go , but not the pergola .
I need to set a deadline for decision and not look anymore !

If you can help , here are my considerations ....

Renae : was my top pick but says to be a slow grower
Annie mc dowell : I hear a lot of buzz and that intrigues me
Nahema : just discovered this one and I fell in love
Jasmina : I did order one
Spirit of freedom : also ordered one but can add another .

As you can see , I either want full cup shaped blooms or adorable masses of button blooms .
Fragrance and health and repeat are musts .

Please please just help me decide and tell me what you'd choose from the list !
If you have others I should look at , be aware that that's a new can of worms I will agonize over and will end up harassing y'all with ;)
Thank you !

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