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December reads to keep you warm

16 years ago

I am posting this from the last November post, as I think others might want to check it out

Those of you who like books that play a bit with time (not necessarily time travel) might enjoy the book I am currently reading: Mary Modern. It takes place in the near future where a genetic scientist is able to clone her grandmother. The book shifts from the time periods of the grandmother, mother and daughter, and does so in a way that doesn't jolt you (plus she actually tells you the date at the beginning!). The characters are quirky, but ones I'd love to meet. Beautiful writing that doesn't get in the way of a story - just a nice, gentle, but very interesting read. There is a moment in the book where you have to make a huge stretch with your sense of believability. But once you do, the story just gets better. Someone compared it to Time Travelers Wife - well maybe in the way that time is played with, or in how the themes of memory and loss entertwine, but besides that, not much the same, so if you didn't like TTW, try this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mary Modern

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