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The RP List of Essential Books.

17 years ago

This was prompted by the thread about 1001 books you must read before you die. There was a lively discussion about it, and Pam said that "We could make our own list, you know."

I thought this sounded like a nice idea. So this is what I propose we do.

1) The list will start with The Complete Works of Shakespeare and The Bible. (If only because I've never seen a book list which doesn't include those two.)

2) The interesting bit. Each person is allowed to propose exactly two books - one pre-1900, and one post-1900. State your books and authors, and if you want to, state why you feel this book is essential reading. It must be a book you have read - not one you feel you ought to have read or one on your TBR shelf. And you are not allowed to propose anything which has already been proposed. So don't worry if you think that two is no-where near enough - someone else will very likely mention the ones you wanted to say.

I reckon that we'll end up with a list of about a hundred books that we consider to be essential reading. It will be interesting to see what the spread is, and if any "obvious" books get missed out.

So who wants to start?

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