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Welcome to RP! Pleased to meet you...

10 years ago

I'm Janalyn from Vancouver, British Columbia. I've been visiting and participating in Reader's Paradise off and on since the late 1990's when the site was owned by Spike. My reading has been positively influenced by many people here. I owe them many happy hours of reading thanks to their suggestions and thoughtful discussions. I enjoy Sci-Fi and Fantasy and was delighted to find similar souls here (they know who they are!) because my friends just don't read that genre. If there is a book discussion going on in the forum, I will do my best to join in, because that is what I enjoy the most. In fact, I often pick up a book and immediately think of the RP'er who I recall discussing it with. Martin, Sheri, Siobhan, Rosefolly, Frieda, Donnamira..and so many others...

My husband and I travel a lot and thanks to my eReader my backpack is now a manageable weight. I also enjoy nature and gardening. Also laughing.

If you are a lurker, please do not hesitate to join in our discussions and posts. We aren't going to red pen everything you write as we are all book lovers and the discussion is everything. Plus, as I hope you have gathered, we are a very friendly bunch. Thanks!

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