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All Fall In Behind Game CXXXVIII post here

13 years ago

I'm taking a liberty and reposting this with correct numerals to save us missing the right total (you all know I'm a bit particular about stuff like that *g*)

From Vee:

astrokath finished with

Ezra Pound: His Metric & Poetry - T S Eliot

Money Talks: Penny Wise Pound Foolish - R Skolnik

Sorry folks I've left a V out of the 'Game' number. May my vital organs be ripped from my body and tossed to the ravening wolves and the birds of the air peck out my lifeless eyes. 'Tis no more than I deserve.

(Fixing this here)

From dido:

Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T.E.Lawrence

(Some kind of self-effacing (or even erasing), subconscious but non-Freudian slip, I shouldn't wonder, Vee.)

(How come the last thread went on to 51 posts when it should have ended at 50?)

From astrokath:

The Thousand and One Arabian NIghts - trad

(I was most surprised to find it let me!)

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