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Death of a Book Club - a mystery by RPers

14 years ago

The table looked lovely. A fine linen tablecloth embroidered with pale pink peonies rested beneath the light green cups and saucers. Plates of Belgian chocolate, English toffee, shortbreads and other treats shared the space with candles and wine glasses.

All that was needed were the people. They were due to arrive in fifteen minutes.

The hostess usually begins to fret about now. Is the house tidy? Is the table proper? Are the questions ready? For it was not a dinner engagement nor a party that prompted the lovely table and tidy house, but a book club meeting. And tonight they were to discuss a medieval murder-mystery.

Outside, the summer sky added to the feel of the evening. Deep blue skies had given way to dark menacing thunderclouds. Leaves whipped in all directions as the wind challenged the trees.

The hostess lit the candles. The stage was set. The doorbell rang.

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