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June, moon, spoon - what are we reading?

16 years ago

June already - where does the time go??

Reading The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. A fascinating cross between thirteenth century theology and politics and a mystery thriller. Makes The Da Vinci Code look like a badly-written pot-boiler. Oh, wait....

Also reading Dead Souls by Gogol. But as I'm reading it in a hundred and sixty daily parts, courtesy of, and I'm only up to part eight, I can't give an real opinion yet. I am finding, though, that I'm reading each part much more carefully than I otherwise might, giving me time to savour the writing - which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Also searched the house yesterday for the six HP books so that I can do a rapid re-read before book 7 arrives. (I've ordered two copies to be couriered to my hotel in Santorini....) Wouldn't you know it, I have found at least two copies of each of books 2 to 6 - and I can't find a copy of book one anywhere. I know there are at least three copies around, so I'll try again tonight.

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