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How can I identify the name of my daylily?

10 years ago

It is very difficult to accurately identify a daylily whose identity is unknown. There are many reasons:
With more than 50,000 registered daylily cultivars, many look so much alike that it's hard to tell them apart unless they are compared side by side. Many things affect the way a daylily grows & looks - such as soil, water, nutrients, climate, etc. Daylily flowers can look very different in different gardens.
Also, if you are posting a picture for identity be aware that cameras often don't show accurate colors, and computer monitors don't either.
Your daylily may not even be one of the many registered cultivars - seedlings that are never named are sometimes sold to the public for landscaping purposes.
If you cannot identify your daylily, don't be discouraged! If you like it, keep and enjoy it's beauty!
If you are pretty sure you have identified your daylily, but can't verify it for certain, please do not sell, trade or give away the plant with that name. Having a plant with the wrong name is worse than no name at all!