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Speaking of bucket lists

14 years ago

From the bucket list thread comes the thought that there are things we all need to do before our time is up. My challenge to you is to begin recording your memories that you want to share with loved ones. My Dad is 91 and he grew up on a lake in northern Minn., experienced the depression, and WWII. As a kid while we were milking cows and doing other farm chores he'd tell some great stories. In later years I've encouraged him to record some of these but, he just blows me off.

Now, at age 52 I realize, perhaps, I should take a dose of my own medicine. The kids pester me with; "Tell us a story, Dad." This winter I've been subbing in the local school system. Many days I just sit while class after class has a study hall. I started using this time to record some memories. Whatever might be of interest to my family someday. Some are short, only a paragraph or two. Others are quite lengthy, Like how I met my first wife is 4 or 5 pages. (It was on a horticultural tour of Europe.) There is no time frame for the completion of this project. I don't worry about having perfect grammar or sentence structure; I just write the way I talk.

So much information is lost when a person dies. If it's written down or recorded as audio it's preserved. Think of it as backing up critical files that are on the hard drive of your brain.


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