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1 special gift you couldn't wait to give?

15 years ago

Lets hear some results on the one special gift post that so many replied to.

DGS Drew LOVED his Wheelie Cycle! He'd play with it til the batteries went dead and then hated waiting til they recharged (4 to 5 hours!)

DH likes his books on the Edmund Fitzgerald! He guessed a radio book before he opened it. I don't try and disguse gifts any more for him. I used to but gave up years ago.

One thing I was surprised at was what a big hit the Bears jersey's were with Drew and Hunter!! They loved them and put them on immediately! Drew took his out of the dirty clothes and came out with it on the next day too!! lol

We had to tell him Noooooo its dirty you can't wear it two days in a row. So his Mom washed it and guess who spied it!?? lol

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