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A gift from AL and a few succulent plants in a gritty 1.1.1 mix!

13 years ago

I had a few minutes today and wanted to thank Al for two of these special plants and the time he took to help me be successful in this mix. I would never go back to bagged mixes for any of these plants, ever.

I also wanted to share how happy my plants have been through the winter thus far. Someday, I will learn the name of them and put a label for each one.

It use to be that just keeping them alive was my challange. Now that I have can keeping them alive and for more than one year, I am going to focus on learning their names.

Al: Do any of these look familiar? :-)

Please feel free to post any pics of plants that you are freely watering more than once a week , and still 'fertilizing' this time of the year. I would love to see your results too!

I will post more at another time. I need to take more pics.


One ??? though. Does anyone know what the brown edges on the jade is just below this question on the yellow part? I received it like this and I am wondering if I should remove the leaves. Since I have had it, the baby new growth is developing with clean edges..Thank you. It was growing in a bagged mix until I transplanted it.












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