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Vitamins.....Do you take them??

15 years ago

Do you take daily vitamins? Which ones and for what?

Dean's sis takes a BUNCH of vitamins daily, she got Dean started on some of them. I don't know that they have made a huge difference in Dean, but I don't believe they have hurt any!

I started taking a multi vitamin on Monday. I have had an upset stomach all week when I first get to work...yesterday I was almost ready to leave work, I was so nauseas! Just hit me this morning that my upset stomach started when I started the vitamins!! Kind of a "DUH" moment. I take a bunch of pills first thing in the morning, and I have just been taking the vitamin with those. When I finally realized what it was, I remember taking the multi last winter and the same thing happening. I guess I will just have to take the vitamin with my lunch as it seems something doesn't agree with it with the rest of my meds in the morning.

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