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Why are nursing homes so FANCY??

12 years ago

I've spent some time visiting (and singing) in nursing homes over the years, and have always wondered why their decor is so ridiculously opulent. Red velvet draperies, big fake oil paintings in heavy, ornate gilded frames, massive chandeliers.......I suppose it's intended to detract from the hospital atmosphere, but do they think everyone wants to live like Donald Trump? I sure don't.

I'm no decorating maven, but even I could come up with a look that's cozier and (in my opinion) more comforting than what I'd call Cheesy Lap of Luxury.

I thought about this last night while watching an old episode of Law & Order. The detectives went into a nursing home, and I realized the fancy decor must be in nursing homes everywhere.

Do you suppose it's also intended to impress the families who are writing the checks?

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