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True confession - I can't make a decent batch of brownies.

12 years ago

True confession time - I can't bake a decent batch of brownies.

It doesn't matter if I bake on convection or regular bake or whether I'm using a box mix or baking from scratch - they either come out gooey on the inside like a lava cake or overdone and dry. And the toothpick test doesn't seem to be as accurate for brownies as it is with a cake or muffins. My oven temperature is calibrated and everything else I bake comes out fine.

My daughter wants to buy this pan that makes 16 triangle shaped brownies and I'm considering it. I happen to like the corner brownies - I like the extra crust. And the little wedges would be easy for kids to hold and eat.

I've seen other brownie pans that resemble an ice cube tray with the removable divider inside. Do you think this is a gimmick or something that might help be overcome my brownie dilemma?


Here is a link that might be useful: Brownied wedge pan

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