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Finally received a preliminary set of plans! Layout?

13 years ago

I posted my original plans back in May. I've been a near-daily visitor since! As you can see I had some fabulous help from many board members (rhome!) in kitchen design.

Our contractor just came back to us with a preliminary set of blueprints. With the changes, I am no longer limited to having an angled wall. I don't like the window configuration, as drawn by the draftsperson, but since the windows are as yet undecided, it's an easy fix.

I really want an open bank of windows on that south wall. I don't care for the lower windows on the east side of the kitchen as we are on a corner lot and that side offers zero privacy from the road. I love that they figured out a better solution for the back(main) door and garage.We're bumping out the entire back (garage)side. The current bathroom and secondary bedrooms won't be touched. The area marked 'laundry' is actually a current walk in closet. I think I'll keep my laundry downstairs.

Wants: --some sort of well organized pantry space

-a mostly drawer kitchen

-a kid accessible microwave

-an island with seating for 2-3

-windows over the south exposure (kitchen)no upper cabinets on this wall

-both everyday and a display area for pottery

We have a 3x6 foot farmhouse style table with large rustic mission inspired chairs, just FYI in case it's relevent to layout.

I'm really just looking for a fresh set of eyes on this plan! It's just a blank slate at this point. My contractor and draftsperson are coming in a few days!

Thanks for any ideas you may have!



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