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Next Step...Painting....and I need your help!! [Photo heavy]

15 years ago

Well, our pantry is finally finished, so now it's time for painting. We are planning to paint the entire house, but are starting with the Kitchen, DR, Foyer, PR, and Family Room. These are the rooms that were either remodeled or flow into the Kitchen. Eventually, we'd like to do the LR and Library/Computer Room on the first floor...then work our way up the stairway & upstairs hall and lastly the upstairs bedrooms & bathrooms.

Let me preface this with the fact that I am not the artistic type and definitely do not trust my color sense. Ask me something related to science, math, or computers and I can probably answer...ask me about anything artistic and I flounder! So, here goes!

First off, our entire house is white, including the trim and doors. We were so afraid of creating a colorful mess, that we went with white throughout the house when we painted a few years ago! However, with the success of the Kitchen remodel, the help that I've had from all of you, and the wonderful colorful kitchens I've seen here, I feel like it's time to jump into uncharted waters....color!

My everday dishes are Pfaltzgraff's Yortowne...gray & blue. I have collected many dishes and decorative items over the years and I would like to incorporate some of them into the Kitchen decor. (You'll see some of them in the pictures to come.)

We've tentatively picked out three colors to discuss...all BM Classic Colors. However, we are very open to other suggestions, so don't be shy...let me know (1) what you think of these colors and (2) do you think something different would work better?

The first is Cornsilk (#198):

The second is Wedgewood Gray (HC-146):

The third is America's Heartland (#197):

What are your thoughts?

We've been thinking Cornsilk in the Kitchen and DR and Wedgewood Gray in the Foyer and FR. I have no idea what to do in the PR!! We will not have a tile BS for at least a year, so the entire BS area will be painted as well as the walls above the shorter wall cabinets, around the hood, and over the window. Included in this are the Cooktop Niche and the Message Center Niche. Here are pictures of the areas we're focusing on initially:


Don't know what I'm going to do w/the niche right to...

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