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I really REALLY need help with my kitchen

Stephanie Wallis
9 years ago

I have a very very large kitchen with Cherry cabinets and Uba Tuba granite counter-tops. The outcome is that it is dark, really really dark. It's also a pretty traditional look which I'm not a fan of. I really like light airy rooms with a more modern look. Think Pottery Barn-ish.

I looked into having my cabinets painted and glazed but it is going to cost over $5,000 and from everything I've been told it could decrease the value of my home (currently in 450-500k range). If it didn't decrease the value it would at least decrease the buyer pool. I know this is not my forever home but I do think I'll be here around 10 years so I really want to love the kitchen.

I am thinking now about changing to granite to quartz as at least spending money on that could increase the value of the home. But that's where I need help. I found some pictures on pinterest of cherry cabinets with carrera looking countertops and grey paint/window coverings. However I had my sister in law do a rendering and I think it looks TERRIBLE with my kitchen.

Take a look at the picture and give me some suggestions on how to change the overall look of my kitchen, please!!

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