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Designing a farmhouse kitchen that doesn't look too trendy?

9 years ago

I realized most of the things I've always really wanted in my kitchen are trendy right now.. Which could be a good or bad thing. Good because some of the things I wanted are now much more affordable.. Bad because I am afraid it will look like all of the other kitchens. We will be building an actual farm house on an actual farm so hopefully that will keep it from looking dated.. Things I need to still decide might help make it less 'trendy'. The elements I absolutely want are :

inset cabinets (more than likely painted white), wood/laminate floors,
bridge or wall-mounted faucet,
2-3 windows behind my sink,
some sort of white sink.

I haven't decided on a backsplash or countertops. I absolutely LOVE the look of marble but 1) super trendy, and, 2) I have three boys. ;) So that won't be happening. What are some ideas for not going too trendy, or is a non-issue since it's in a farmhouse? Ultimately I'm going to go with what I like the most but I'd hate to have an uber-trendy kitchen in a house we plan to retire in (a long time from now, and God-willing). My husband is a big 'if it's broke(n) don't fix it' so I have to be willing to live with this for a long time! Ideas, and pictures if you have any?!

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