We're all Super-Patriots!

10 years ago

I was going to say "Super-Americans," but I know there are a bunch of Canadians here plus assorted others, so "Super-Patriots" we'll be. Why? Well in these hard times we as a group are contributing mightily to the economy in the form of spending on goods as well as providing jobs directly (the gc, the plumber, etc.) and indirectly (whoever makes, sells, moves all those sinks and faucets and whatever). One person can't realistically make any difference to something as huge and sluggish as a national or global economy. Together, though, we've done our bit to make things better just by being consumers in difficult times. How much money do you suppose we've spent in renovation as a group? Now there's a scary thought!

So when things aren't going well, or you're just tired of living in the basement or washing up in the garage or picking up after slobby workers, pat yourself on the back for making the country better by virtue of sending your bit through the economy. Making this a better world, one kitchen at a time!

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