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Progress pics! Drywall n' more drywall...

9 years ago

Thought I'd post a few progress pics for anyone interested in seeing my remodel unfold. The walls are all insulated and dry-walled and the electrical has been run. Now we're focusing on finishing the bedroom and living room surfaces but the kitchen is kind of happening along with the rest... it'll be the last room (other than the river porch) to be fitted but it's exciting nonetheless!

here is how it started out (before we bought it) with the 6'8" ceilings:

Okay, now we have 9' ceilings after we tore down FOUR other ceilings up there! So here is looking at the sink wall (still using the old sink base for now) and left is the stove wall where 'big girl' will sit between the two pass through cut-outs ala Shainghaimoms stove wall.

looking at the other side of the sink wall... doorway to the entry and then you can see the fridge opening to the right of that. (it's a temporary pantry/garbage dump place right now)

looking at the stove wall with your back to the entryway in the last pic

head on of the stove wall with the river porch on the other side of that wall.

head-on shot of the fridge/pantry wall. I'm swiping the space between the studs in the tall rectangular space that is open on the back wall of the pantry so that my KA stand mixer can fit in the pantry. It's about 15" deep so I needed that extra couple inches there. Couldn't grab it all the way on that wall as there is a closet behind the other side.

And here is a shot of the livingroom standing with your back to the sink, fridge/pantry on your left, stove wall on your right.

Rummy here matches the kitchen in it's current state in that he's as dusty and dirty as everything else is, lol

So! For the TKOs amongst us, enjoy!

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