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Help me decide: Wall Unit in Kitchen Worth the Cost?

11 years ago

I've posted here before, mostly on the bathroom forum regarding my recent bathroom remodel, and I'm hoping for your continued help with this latest endeavor. My house was built in 1826, so I'm trying to keep everything traditional but obviously things need to be up to date, too.

My kitchen was remodeled by the previous owners prior to my purchase, and while they installed new cabinets that are nice in terms of features, they are not what I would have chosen. The granite is fine (polished black absolute 3 cm with half bullnose backsplash). I put in the backsplash, which is marble. The cabinets are Aristokraft in a white thermofoil with upgraded plywood construction, dovetail construction, and soft-close. Because I don't want to replace the cabinets (and can always change out the doors and drawer fronts for wood to match the boxes down the road), I'm going to stick with them for what I'm now considering. As you can see from the pictures below, there's an "open" wall across from the stove/refrigerator wall that is 93" long and 99" high. the space between the door jambs and the corner of that wall is 24", just enough to fit cabinets and give me the storage (and extra counter space) I and the kitchen need.

The quote I've received to put in two 18" x 96" pantry cabinets with 4 pull out drawers in each bottom half, two 27" three-drawer base cabinets, and two 27" two-door upper wall cabinets (with filler where necessary) and a 59" black absolute countertop to house a coffee maker, etc.

The quote I received for the cabinets and granite with taxes and everything is $3,900 and install will be about $1K (I'm estimating from having used this contractor before). So for about $5K, I can have the following (I apologize for the rendering, as I took it from Lowe's online 3D tool and the laptop screen creates a haze). Let me know what you think and whether it's worth it. I think it is, but the only thing that gives me pause is whether to make the two 27" base cabinets a space for two stools or 6 drawers. I'm leaning toward the six drawers. Thank you all.

(Feel free to comment on the wall color, as it is likely to change. It's currently BM Webster Green, which I like. And given that the kitchen will be mostly white with a lot of natural and electric lighting, it's not too dark. I'm just not sure I like it with the dining room next door, which is Pratt and Lambert Wythe House Gray (a medium slate blue, historic Williamsburg color).)

Room as it exists now:








Renderings of what it could look like:








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