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How do you decorate around a big TV on a console?

12 years ago

We have ordered a flat screen TV and I'm going crazy trying to decide what I should put it on. We are getting rid of our huge (106") wall unit and I really wanted to put the new TV on a very simple long console. But now that the old unit is out, I'm worried. There will be a LOT of empty space above and around the console. Maybe I just need to get used to it, but I also can't figure out what to do around it. To make matters more complicated we went as a family to pick something out and we are split down the middle: 2 want the console and the other 2 want to buy another wall unit with the side bookcases and a bridge over the TV on top. While I agree that it would fill the space better, I really wanted to go with something that was different.

Any ideas and/or pics for me? We have about 11 feet to play with.

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