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Seeking layout help with smallish kitchen/DR/mudroom

12 years ago

Yes, another desperate layout petitioner humbly seeking assistance. We have a 1949 cape in the Boston suburbs. The kitchen is about 11.5' square, with lots of openings to make it tricky.

About us:

We are currently a family of 3: me, DH, and toddler daughter. We may have another child in the next couple of years. We cook a lot. Meals from scratch most days of the week, lots of fresh produce, very few convenience foods. I also do canning and preserving (fermenting, drying etc.). We make sausage and pate occasionally. DH makes homebrew. We bake some, but use a bread machine for everyday bread. We rarely entertain, and when we do it's very informal.

Onto the diagrams, thus:

kitchen and DR (kitchen on the right)

first floor, roughly to scale, 1sq=1ft)


-As much counter and cabinet space as possible (is there anyone who doesn't want this?).

-Kitchen open to DR, but with some sense of separation rather than one big room (peninsula??). I love the current flow of the house, want to open it up without messing it up.

-Multiple cook kitchen. DH and I sometimes cook together, and we're getting DD involved now too, so a multiple cook kitchen as far as space will allow.

-Some sort of mini-mudroom area thingy. The back door in the kitchen is our primary entry/exit door. We need *someplace* to put coats, bags, and shoes in the kitchen, otherwise they'll end up in a heap on the floor. The door could conceivably be moved within the wall it's on, but can't be moved to a different wall/room. And, alas, adding on a separate mudroom is not an option, either.

Would likes:

-Separate cooktop (pref 36") and double ovens (hah, yes I know, stop laughing)

-At least one seated prep space (DH has occasional knee issues, but can sit at DR table if necessary)

-Beverage area to hold coffee maker, electric kettle, countertop fizzy water maker, tea pots, cups, and supplies

I've been fiddling for *coughmumble* months, and I keep coming back to something like this:

This plan has obvious problems: the plopped-down fridge, the crowded entry door, the nowhere-to-stand-to-unload-the-dishwasher. However, every other plan I came up with had worse obvious problems. Hence this posting! I would greatly appreciate any layout suggestions, fresh eyes, and possibilities I've (certainly) missed. Please let me know if more information is needed. Thanks for reading!


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