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Hey gang. My latest project. $800 bathroom remodel done!

12 years ago

Made some more progress while my gorgeous distraction of a boyfriend was on a hunting trip. This is my main upstairs bathroom. I've been trekking downstairs to go the restroom/brush my teeth for over 6 months now and FINALLY have it functional upstairs! Still need to do the accessories and stuff to make it pretty, but I love it so far, and it was CHEAP. I gutted it down to the subfloor and rebuilt everything for just under $800. Nearly everything was clearance items, etc.

Here is the before from the previous owner, and then when it was bank-owned when I bought it; tacky and cheap, and leaking and falling apart:

And here is the after:

Vanity was a $250 clearance item, faucet was on clearance for $40 (It's actually a kitchen faucet, but shhhh, don't tell! It works perfectly for my superlarge sink), and the backsplash tiles were leftover from the flooring project. I broke and chiseled them to make a "rocky mountain" backsplash:

The mirror was just a leftover from my previous home/life, but it works!

Hope it inspires someone to shop for bargains and make them rock in your own home. :)

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