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do you like pre finished hardwoods?

13 years ago


I am hoping for some help in my decision re: pre finished vs site finished hardwoods.

Do you like your pre finished floors? Do the micro bevels trap dirt? If you have had site finished, what are your thoughts on pre finished vs site finished? Does the type of floor or color make a difference in your thoughts on pre finished vs site finished?

Here is my situation:

I am in the process of replacing our worn parquet floors, and originally, I wanted to get prefinished for convenience purposes. However, the more I look at pre finished, the more I am realizing I much prefer site finished. All the floors I like in other people's homes are site finished--either new construction or old houses with the floor refinished.

My mom has pre finished light floors (I think beech) and there is a dark line around each board (I think dirt). I noticed the same thing (a dirty line around each board) in the samples that were actually on the floor when I went to the flooring store. I only noticed it with the lighter floors--natural red oak, natural maple, and natural ash.

I have been to multiple flooring stores and I don't want to admit that it may be that I just don't like pre finished.

thanks, Kristine

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