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Please help me create a 'princess' bedroom for my daughter - PICS

14 years ago

I'm considering making over my 6-year old daughter's room into a "princess room." Her room has been very English country since she was born, with red, powder blue and pale yellow accents, red being the primary color. My favorites, and I still love her room, but she is a "pink" girl all the way and I know she'd be thrilled with a very girly, frilly room.

I've already purchased material to make her duvet, and it's the same pale blue floral material used in her baby quilt, so I'm thinking of doing her room in pale blue and pink, similar to these inspiration pictures. I'd also like to add these built-ins along the window (new windows are now a foot lower) so we can lose her dresser and bookshelf to make room for some of her bigger play items, and she can have a nice windowseat to lounge and daydream. The chair would either be replaced or fitted with a new slipcover.

Any ideas on the palest, palest pink color to use on the walls? Also, does anyone know approximately how much it would cost to add built-ins? DH is positive it would cost in the 3K neighborhood, but that seems a bit steep.

Inspiration pictures - Lauren Ross:

My daughter's bedroom (window is now a foot taller/lower):




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