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Need some help! Q re: New Painted Wood Shaker Cab & Finish

12 years ago

Hi All,

I've been lurking for a few months and thoroughly enjoying the forums.

I am hoping to get some feedback from those of you who have experience with painted cabinets. After much deliberation, we finally decided to go with custom white painted shaker cabinets from a local cabinetmaker/woodworking shop.

Now, given that I have zero experience in this department, I am really not sure what I should be expecting with regards to whether there should be gaps between the "seams" and joinery in new cabinets. Part of the kitchen has been installed and they are returning tomorrow (I am now on vacation so will be here on site for this) so I am hoping to get some of your thoughts and feedback prior to my discussion with them. I don't recall seeing such on the demo doors we looked at but ?

Anyhow, I will attempt to attach a few images to provide some visual. I would be very appreciative of any suggestions and info provided.

I understand that there will likely be some fluctuations with cracking etc over time with painted wood, but as these are brand new, I was not expecting this at all.

There are a few corners that look like this (these are the 2 worst ones):

Gap between recessed panel and the "frames". Each door has this to some degree. Normal or ?

Am I being unreasonable to point these issues out? In retrospect, I should have asked specifically about what to expect but I'm just not happy with the results given the price we are paying for custom cabinetry. I do love the color though, so that's a positive.

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