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Back to Drawing Board For The Love of Wall Pot Racks? Help!

13 years ago

When I saw the picture of this kitchen, it took my breath away (I'm serious). This is my inspiration kitchen (thanks gb85!). Not the white cabs, but the wall pot racks on either side of the range. My current kitchen has very little going for it (no DW, GD or counter space) but I love the convenience of the wall pot rack for the pans I use daily and the openness of the space (I currently have no uppers). Until I saw this picture I didn't think I could incorporate wall pot racks into the new kitchen. Now I have hope.

You all have provided awesome feedback to my current layout (I would post the previous thread but it's long gone), but I'm thinking of going back to the layout drawing board and incorporating wall pot racks on either side of the range and getting rid of my 42" uppers. I'm lucky in that I have plenty of storage and won't lose much by doing away with uppers. (We decided not to enclose a pantry because we would lose access to major plumbing running in it. It's really old plumbing and if we need to access it, we can.)

The one question I have is do you all think this design would work with medium stained cabs, a more modest hood (only 36") and without the columns on either side of the range? I'd keep the smaller uppers and bring them to the ceiling and would repeat the uppers on the fridge wall (I may be able to repurpose glass doors from a built-in in the butler's pantry- how exciting!). I'd also go with subway tiles (but not blue) on the entire wall like the inspiration pic.

I can see this in my head, but I have no confidence this would look good in real life. This would be a major departure from our current layout (which has 42" wall cabs on this wall), but I'm willing to go on a bit of a detour for the love of wall pot racks! I just don't know if it works. I've found plenty of beautiful kitchens with medium stained cabs with the 42" uppers on either side of the range hood so I KNOW that looks good. But I haven't found any pics of this look with stained cabs so it makes me wonder if it's because it doesn't really work.

We meet with our GC tomorrow evening and I'd like to know what you think. If you think the design would work, I'll post a revised layout for feedback. I'm confident I won't lose any functionality but am unsure about it all coming together. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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