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I need so much help with my 1916 craftsman bedroom!

9 years ago

I have more pics but can only do one at a time?

I am redoing our 'master' bedroom. Only think I am keeping is the carpet, it's in good shape and I still like the color.

I am getting new bed: in Tall King with underbed drawers

New nightstands
picture in a second!

New Light fixtures and matching wall sconce in between door and closet door

Anyway I will start with this picture of the big window.

This window looks out on busy/noisy street so I am thinking of switching to drapes. I have never done drapes and it's very overwhelming. I am thinking traverse rod and 2 layers. Top layer heavy noise/light blocking and bottom layer light filtering layer.

And I need help with paint color. I am thinking of going DARK. DARK with white trim. There is a lot of trim in this room, the big window, the other window and closet door and entry door. It's not a big room at all.

I will be posting more pics....

Any help would be so appreciated. My husband is useless for this stuff and my friends that are into this stuff don't get why it's so hard, or that is how I feel anyway. I guess it just comes naturally to them?

So I am begging you guys to look at this and I have so so many questions.

But in summary:

What color/type drapes?
What color for wall?
-should I paint the ceiling trim to match other trim? It's 100 year old trim that's narrow and been painted to death. I worry that it will look really weird with the very wide trim everywhere else, including the wide baseboards.

thanks in advance....

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