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Really Annoyed with High Fashion Decorative Fabrics

15 years ago

I'm so annoyed right now I could just spit nails!

A few weeks ago I bought a 5-yard fabric remnant (rolled on the bolt, pre-tied and bagged) to use to make a curtain. I also bought two coordinating remnants, padding, lining and some trim.

Well today, I unrolled the fabric to begin cutting and was dismayed to find out that about 3 yards of this piece had what appears to be motor-oil stains along the selvedge. For most of this 3-yard stretch, the oil stains only extend 2-3" into the fabric body, but for almost a yard in (of course) the middle, the oil stains extend fully 9" into the fabric! Bottom line, this piece of fabric is very defective, and there's no way the person rolling this remnant could have failed to notice it.

So I called High Fashion Decorative Fabrics and talked to a succession of four different people, culminating with the poor gal on the floor who was standing next to the manager, who refused to speak to me himself. I asked to be allowed to return the remnant, still on the roll with all original tags attached, and was flat-out refused. I even suggested a store credit or exchange and was still refused. I was calm, patient, and very clear in my explanations, but they refused to budge. I then indicated I would dispute the charge with my credit card company, which the clerk relayed to the manager -- who responded "Do what you have to do."

Which, along with the CC dispute, is notifying my friends on this board...

Lousy customer service folks!

May this review live long on the Internet and pop up in Google many times...

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