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How would you redo this hallway/laundry room? (Pics)

13 years ago

Hi, everyone. I need some creative ideas about how to make our little laundry space more attractive and fit a mud room into it. Our so-called "laundry room" is at the corner of the hall from the dining area to the back door. We have no mud room. DH sits on the little green stool to take off his shoes; not much room there. The laundry room section of the hall leads to the powder room, so guests have to go through here all the time. The long hall is 8'3" long by 42" wide. The laundry room section is 5' 10" long by 61" wide (from back of W/D to wall where the little seat is.)

We're open to any suggestions about how to make this into a laundry/mud room with as attractive an appearance as possible, including buying new appliances. We're thinking we'll get front loader stacked W/D for starters. DH would like to move the W/D to the walkout basement, leaving hookups here too, but a realtor friend says that's a very bad idea since we think we'll be selling the house in about 7 years. We're stuck; just can't think what the heck to do. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.

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