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Laundry Room and Desk Redo pics (warning scary)

15 years ago

I asked for help redoing this laundry room and posted about my bi-fold doors. You all were quite helpful in getting started. I've wanted to do this for so long and couldn't quite figure out what the impasse was. It was. . . .JUNK I couldn't get rid of! I needed a different mindset . . .and some time off of work.

So here is an old picture of the room. . .this is scary! Got permission to get rid of the old oak desk when my neighbor walked in and said "Get rid of that ugly thing!" Had to get permission from DH (which had previously been denied.) Put on Craig's list really, really cheap (when you decide it needs to be gone, it needs to be gone!)

After the big desk was gone I decided to work on an old, inherited quite pretty desk. I believe it's just a reproduction but I love the petiteness and the drawer.

I also had an unmatched chair that I couldn't part with (really nice furniture) so I decided to paint them the same color and re-upholster the chair.

Desk and chair before:

Here are after pictures (notice the window and walls were painted and new window treatment.)


Now I presented my messy washer/dryer area and some of you made fun of me for wanting to put bi-fold doors up. They came out nice and I love them, anything to keep me from parting from my junk - esp old rags.

Here is the laundry area before:


Here is the laundry room after:

This handy cabinet holds laundry baskets and hamper:

Thanks to all who told me my area was just a mess, it was, but it helped me to part with my junk and enjoy my new laundry room.

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