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Room Swap - What would you do? (pics)

14 years ago

I have been cycling back and forth on how and if to swap rooms around in my upstairs. I have a small, older house so there's no concept of a master BR.. I have two larger bedrooms and one very small but cozy room. The nieces and nephews who spend the most time here have asked for a larger guest room.. I am considering it because when more than 2 of them are here or when they have the neighbor kids over (neither of which is uncommon), they really have limited space. If I gave them a bigger room, I would use it as my art room and probably a yoga/pilates room as well. I need the third room for a fully functional office (I work from home 90% of the time).

Currently my bedroom is in the largest of the three rooms. It has two closets-- one is a decent size if you use the depth-- the other is a "walk in closet" of sorts made in one of the dormers. It is narrow but it does store a lot. This room needs to have walls done (wallpaper removed/painted).. it also faces a pretty busy street. The sound doesn't bother/affect me but lights from snow plows in winter and cops in summer do bother me. The picture is crappy but it is app 22 x 12.

The room that is currently my office is the big unknown. It could remain my office, I could put the guest room in there-- or I could move my bedroom. I think it's a lovely room. It has good energy, gets good sunlight and overlooks the garden/backyard. I do love it.. however it has only one small closet which would never hold all my clothes. I have two large hall closets-- one of which is cedar lined so if I was willing and smart about it, I could put off season or rarely used clothes in the other closets. It is smaller but there is plenty of room for any of my possible uses.

This is currently the guest/kids' room. It is also a nice space and very cozy. It has some odd angles and it's hard to get a good picture of it. I currently have a bureau, a queen size bed, a small bookshelf and a tv/dvd/playstation on a stand in there. It's pretty full. If I made this my office, it would hold a 30" x 60" table.. a small bookshelf, file cabinets and other occasional pieces as space allows. I'd have to give up my loungey chair, I think.

(all pictures were taken while PO was still there.. none of the furnishings are mine.. floors have been buffed)

So what would YOU do? What space would you claim as your own? I feel like I've lost all objectivity. Would you consider spreading your clothes between a bedroom and hall closet? I need to commit to a decision by the end of the weekend.. and every time I make a decision, I feel a pull for the other room. All I know is that I need a comfortable, relaxing space... and I need it before my furniture starts arriving.

And just to round out the view of the upstairs.. this is a full bath..

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