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Help: Tile Decision- White or Beige Rialto Porcelain Tiles from L

13 years ago

I told the tile guy that I decided on the Rialto Beige. Then several weeks passed and he still has not bought the tile or installed it. I asked him if it was OK to switch to Rialto White and he said yes.

I want to decide which tile (the white which is brighter with an off-white color with a light beige throughout it or the beige that has beiges and browns and is more rich looking but darkens up the two foyer areas especially the middle foyer area) since I am doing the tile first and want to have the musky smelling wood damaged middle foyer's engineered oak wood removed and replaced with porcelain tile. I keep puppy pads there when I am not home and sometimes one of my small dogs miss the pad so tile is best in the foyer area. Hence, I am doing the wood in the office area but the two foyer areas I have decided on tile that will look like real stone.

I also have pics of Lexi and Sassy, my two Maltese in the pics since I just downloaded all the digital pics to not take up too much time choosing due to a deadline I must be working on. I really need opinions so I can make a decision soon. I just am scared once I put the tile down I am stuck with it. If I did not have dogs, I would put the wood in the foyer areas also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rialto Beige Vs. Rialto White Tile for Foyer areas

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