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can we talk exterior paint for my 70s ranch...again? (pic)

12 years ago

Hi again! We are getting close to painting our home. I posted a thread recently with pictures of a restaurant (Bonefish Grill) that is painted kind of a mossy green-grey color. My friend recently painted her home the same color (it is an actual SW color that was made just for Bonefish Grill), and her home is similar to mine. I am not sure it "works" with my 1970s faux spanish home. It kills me, because I *LOVE* this color...but between my roof color and style home, I just don't think it is "right."

A good example is...i love platinum blond hair. Could I ever wear my hair that color? No way.

Anyway, we want to get away from yellow tones...but other than a mustard color, what would work with our home?

We are getting rid of the awnings in the front, but keeping them on the side and back. We want BLACK awnings, so keep that in mind when thinking of a color. Also, please keep my roof color in mind. It doesn't just "go" with any old color.

Thinking of doing garage faux wood grained...maybe even get the hardware to make it look like a carriage door? Or just paint it whatever color we paint the house. Want to grow a vine on the part of the house that "pops out"...the garage/arch section only. So, if you imagine a vine around the garage, that might help in deciding to do the garage faux wood grain or the house color.

This is a pic of the house when it was for sale. We now have a circular drive, different landscaping (not finished w/landscaping) etc.

Thank you for helping me with this! I am stumped!

Here is a link that might be useful: {{!gwi}}

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