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please can you help me fix up this bathroom (pics)?

13 years ago

I'm stuck.... We just moved into a house, so I'm looking for some simple ideas to make this bathroom work. The vanity has to stay for now, as does the tile. We just painted and bought a new shower curtain and rod. The rest of the house has pewter so we went with pewter, now I'm wondering if that was a mistake...

We painted it pink, so it has a fresh backdrop, sort of:) Please excuse the toddler potty:)

This was my inspiration

I found this on craigslist and thought I'd paint it, but when we got it home, my DH did not want to paint it. And it really is very pretty, it has a cherry type tone.

The mirror is a toss up. I found this mirror, which goes with the curvy hutch, but the two cherry tones are making the oak vanity look very shabby. Something about it doesn't seem right, but I'm not sure what exactly.


Here is another mirror option. It fills the space well. It is a weathered, painted mirror with a shelf. The pic is not that great, but here is a closeup too.

From bathroom

I'm open to changing the light fixture, but not sure what to do.

I really need some accessorizing direction too. This is a cold bathroom. I want to warm it up somehow? Any ideas sweet friends?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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