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help with front door, garage doors, etc

10 years ago

We need to replace our front door (forced entry break-in!), and that has of course caused us to look at other areas of our front that need help. Any thoughts or especially Photo-Shop help would be greatly appreciated!

Most urgently...what to do for the front door? Rather than replacing with colonial 6 panel as we have now, I was thinking more of a euro country feel.. tad more informal and perhaps a touch rustic (but no sure about that). I can either replace the entire unit (sidelights and transom) and have all parts be the same wood look (wood grained, stained fiberglass and the good ones look amazingly like real wood) or get even a higher grade more realistic wood-look (such as JeldWen Aurora) if I keep the current sidelights/transom and only replace the door. (Either way I think I will ditch the storm door.)

Garage doors - yes, its a case of the garage that ate the house. Its huge and bland looking but no budget for anything major. The white doors are bugging me. Should we paint them the main tan color (perhaps a shade or two darker) and hope they blend in even more? OR, online I've seen metal garage that have embossed wood grain like ours do, faux painted to look like real wood. Some look awesome! This would be a drastic change and draw attention to this area rather than minimize. But, to me the garage is so huge there is no hiding it so perhaps jazz it up to balance with the rest of the house?

Copper roof areas - I love green patina but after 12 years ours are only streaky with a rust splotch. They have never been cleaned. Not a fan bright shiny copper. After cleaning I think I can buy something that will either re-darken them brown, or I can go the green patina look. (For example, the color of the pot at the base of the crape myrtle.)

Of much less importance, we ripped out some overgrown bushes under the living room and bay windows. I was picturing perhaps a small "disappearing" water fountain and some hostas...

House is at end of court, so this is view most see:

Straight on view

Close up door/bay window. The lighter area on the door at the bottom area is where it was patched up for the moment:

Newly empty area to left of front door. (I do know I need to put some kind of decorative hose pot here!) We have since greatly pruned back the Japanese Maple.

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