Splitting 320 & adding an outlet

14 years ago


I have a submersible well pump that runs on 320. I want instell an outlet on the pole next to the fuse box to power a milkhouse heater or a lightbulb in the well pit. It has an old style fuse box with the 2 fuses that look kind of like AA batteries. There are 2 poles in the box. 3 total wires come into the fuse box. 1 goes to each fuse and 1 goes to the center and screws into an alum block.


1. Can I just run 1 wire from the center alum block and 1 from one side (fuse) out to the new outlet 2 total wires or do I do something different??

2. Will adding this change the power going to the Pump in anyway that could hurt it??

3. Will this be 160V then and will it work with any regular appliance since its not 120??

Appreciate the help.

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