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Bathroom Heat Lamp and 12-3 question

17 years ago

I was in Lowes buying recessed lights, and was also looking for a heat lamp housing. Is there a special housing for a heat lamp, they had the bulbs (250 Watt). And regular recessed light housings had a 75 watt limit.

Can a 12-3 wire cable be used as really 2 circuits. I am running some new circuits to some rooms I am redoing and someone at work said to run one 3 wire romex and use that as 2 circuits. I am trying to split us the rooms that are all on one 14 2 wire circuit and the breaker keeps tripping (2 bathrooms, the washer dryer, and the basement). I plan on running one 12 wire circuit to feed the washer dryer, and one 12 3 wire cable to feed the 2 bathrooms.

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