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Ceiling fan / light with wall mounted remote/sensor

14 years ago


Homeowner here, good at following common sense but lacking knowledge.


I installed a ceiling fan/light as a replacement for an existing light fixture.

Since the existing wiring was only 2 wire, I also installed a new switch in the wall that controls the fan and light via a remote sensor mounted in the fan housing.

The controls are for light on/off, and fan low / med / hi.The fan works perfectly, but if I turn the light off it goes off for a few seconds, then blinks on / off and repeat.

The light on the ceiling fan is a series of LED lights, and it almost looks like the sensor in the fan housing lets a little bit of current trickle through... enough to blink the LEDs on, and have it build up and blink like this every few seconds ongoing. My understanding is that these light require very little power.

A few questions: does this seem like a plausible explanation? can I install a resistor to (safely) block the current from reaching the light? this resistor would be placed between the leaky sensor and the light?

Thanks for helping


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