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connecting old 3 wire range to new 4 wire system

13 years ago

I have a used range that is 3 wire. I had my home rewired and the receptacle is a 4 wire dedicated 240V. There is lots of info about plugging a new appliance into an older outlet but not much the other way around. When I bought the range it had a four wire plug with the neutral taped off. A service person connected the neutral to the chassis, which I don't think should be done, as now my neutral and ground are connected at more than one place. I was hoping I could find a way to turn the range in a true 4 wire system (grounding the chassis to the house ground and using the neutral as the electrical return), but barring that I think it best to go back to taping off the neutral and using the ground as the third wire. There isn't any electronic ignition, etc., only two oven lights. Any information on how others have done this, what code says, etc. would be appreciated. We have lots of lightning and I want to be sure the chassis is grounded correctly.

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