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Electrical Wiring near Direct Vent Fireplace

11 years ago

I have a direct vent fireplace installed and have adhered to all the clearances in the wall space. We ran power down the wall in the space between the interior and exterior wall in the space where the flue is to an outlet on the mantel and then from there to the outlet that is part of the unit. The wire is over two feet away from the flue but the whole space inside the wall gets very hot. We have not finished installing our mantel so I can remove the plywood from there and reach into this space and can feel the heat. We have not installed to actual outlet in the mantel, just done the rough-in to the box, but I am concerned because tonight I had the fireplace on and the wires in the box for the mantel outlet were hot to the touch - at least the ground wire. I put a thermometer through where the wires come into the box and it reads 180 degrees F. Should I be concerned? If I plug something into this outlet will the heat transfer to whatever I have plugged in?

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