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Holiday arrangements with adult step kids

17 years ago

Ok hear is my question. Is it unfair of me to insist to my husband that his two adult college step kids (SD & SS)do not stay alone at our home on Christmas eve night? We will be 3 hours away celebrating Christmas with my family.

I have offered that the step kids are more than welcome to come and celebrate with us and their step grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. The other option they have is to celebrate with DH parents(their grandparents) and their aunts/uncles on Christmas eve because they celebrate both Christmas day and eve.

SD has her own apartment to stay in and SS could stay with her their. Also, their mother lives nearby SD. They have hinted that they are celebrating with their mother on Christmas eve, but still make it sound like they (SS & SD) want to hang out at our house. They are not concrete on their plans and continue to be vague on what plans really are with bio mom.

My thoughts are that they want to stay at our home so their mother can come and see our new home. They can just celebrate at our home when we are away. I dont want bio mom here and I dont want her to see our house. She or the kids do not need to be in our home on Christmas eve when we are away. The two kids should not be sitting at our house alone on Christmas eve anyway, it is not right.

When I expressed this to husband he said I was evil for thinking it. Why are these things so clear to me? Does anyone agree this sounds fishy? I insisted no one will be staying at our house while we are away.

Please give me your opinions. Thanks

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